Earnest Endeavours Pres. ‘Our Nest Vol.1’

The UK-via-US label, Earnest Endeavours, offer up their first name-your-price compilation; twelve tracks spanning hip-hop, West-coast style beats and swing.

It’s a global snapshot of the Earnest Endeavours roster; featuring artists from Detroit to Cardiff, Tokyo to Tartu, including previous releasees Darkhouse Fam and B. Bravo, and cuts from The Insomniax, SelfSays, Kienra, J Todd, mfp, and Widows.

If you liked Kutmah‘s recent compilation on Brownswood, you’re going to like this one too. The strong ties between Worldwide and Earnest Endeavours are obvious in the styles exhibited. Flying Lotus style grooves, atmospheric hip-hop and deep instrumentals are on show from established and rising producers alike.

Headover to the Earnest Endeavours site to download at the price of your email address.