Dusk & Blackdown’s Second Album To Drop In September

Following 2008’s ‘Margins Music,’ latest LP ‘Dasaflex’ will be available from September 17.

Forthcoming on Keysound Recordings, ‘Dasaflex’ is an abrasive collection of dancefloor cuts; spanning UKG, funky, grime and dubstep. The album consists of a number of collaborations as well as solo efforts from both producers, with a heavy ‘London’ stain uniting each track into an album.

The pair have become a staple within the underground end of London’s dance music scene. Over years of pirate radio appearances, articles, releases of their own, releases of their Keysound label and DJ sets, the pair have built a reputation that readily explains the hype and expectation behind this LP.

Stream the video for title track ‘Dasaflex’ below.