Dummy Announces Its Inaugural Artists General Meeting

To celebrate the launch of its brand new website, Dummy is holding its first ever AGM (Artist General Meeting) at the end of September, with a host of its artistic shareholders coming together to offer an insight into their own musical vision.

The weekend will see Darkstar chat about their latest release ‘News From Nowhere’, whilst oOoOO will examine the subversion of pop music in ‘Without Your Love’ with a whole slew of other talks planned. It’s an undeniably interesting concept, but time will tell whether there will be a bit too much chin-stroking for the average punter. Here’s hoping it remains interesting and dynamic rather than descending into a somewhat self-indulgent over-intellectual affair.

At any rate, Dummy DJs will help the proceedings along, with plenty of food and booze from independent producers, so why not give it a shot? Tickets are £15 for the weekend and are available here.