Dubspeeka Joins Tiefschwarz And More In Hackney Wick

We caught up with Dubspeeka before he joins Tiefschwarz and more in Hackney Wick this Friday.

Moving on from a weekly residency at Central London’s Qube Project, On The 5th Day is heading East this Friday 27th March, with a session at Bloc (Autumn Street Studios). Topping the bill are Ali and Basti Schwarz of German veterans Tiefschwarz, who will be bringing their famously varied approach to the dancefloor.On supporting duties are Thyladomid of Hamburg imprint Diynamic and Drumcode affiliated Bristolian Darren Beale aka. Dubspeeka.

After spending 15 years touring the world with crossover stars Kosheen, Beale has found a new audience for his music under his Dubspeeka project – quickly becoming one of the most sought after producers in club land. After spending some time in the shadows, he’s recently been speaking out about his new career direction – read on as we pick his brain ahead of this Friday…


Hi Darren, thanks for joining us. How are you?

I’m good thanks, had a really annoying cold last week which finally seems to be going.

You are playing at Bloc as part of On the 5th Day line up this Friday. What is your relationship with London’s Underground Scene? Is there a special place in your heart for it?

I’ve had some great times in London with some good friends, I remember one of my first experiences was at The End, that sound system just blew me away. It was a shame to see it close.

You’re going to play alongside veterans like Tiefschwarz on Friday. , Have they had some influence on your music at some point? Who else would you attribute your influences to?

Yes, I’m a fan of Tiefschwarz, very talented. I have a huge range of influences, from Portishead to Plastikman, Sasha, James Holden, so many great artists that have influenced my sound over time.

You were a long term member of Kosheen for over 15 years. What prompted the decision to start a new alias – Dubspeeka?

I suppose I wanted a new challenge, the first music is started going out to was House and Techno, so I wanted to go back to that and start again. I had a great time writing and performing with Kosheen, but for me it was time to move on.

Why Dubspeeka? What’s the story behind that name, sound?

I made up the name, I find it easier to create new interesting names so you don’t find out that someone else is using the same one further down the line. I mentioned before about going back to when I first got into electronic stuff, and that was mainly Techno and House, so its my version of that.

Why did you decide to start your own label Skeleton? How is it going?

I started it to promote Dubspeeka, but now I’m releasing on Drumcode, Last Night On Earth and other good labels its kinda taking a back seat, but I plan on doing some more stuff at the end of this year.

I have read in your previous interviews that you consider your current music to still be in its infancy. What do you think your future holds? What would the perfect future look like for Dubspeeka?

I’m always trying new things with my production and sound, always learning and the main thing for me is to have fun whilst doing it. For the future, I’m not a fan of airports, so something that could get me to the gigs without flying would be cool.

Dubspeeka joins Tiefschwarz and Thyladomid at Bloc (Autumn Street Studios) for On The 5th Day this Friday 27th March. Buy tickets here