Download Schlachthofbronx ‘Coolie Fruit’ / Watch Full Video

You can now watch the full official video for Schlachthofbronx’s new single ‘Coolie Fruit’.

The Munich-based duo, who recently released their second EP ‘Carimba’ on the Man Recordings, have been making waves of late with their deadly mix of world bass taking in everything from North Brasilian rave and Trinidadian rhythms, to New Orleans booty bass and European party vibes.

You can preview the ‘Coolie Fruit’ video here, featuring vocalist Gnucci Banana and her crew representing fully at their local cornerstore, whilst you can also download the full track for free below.

Schlachthofbronx – ‘Coolie Fruit feat. Gnucci Banana’

Schlachthofbronx – ‘Coolie Fruit feat. Gnucci Banana’