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Download Levon Vincent’s Debut Album For Free

The Berlin based producer’s highly anticipated debut LP can be downloaded via WeTransfer. 

First releasing a record back in 2002, Levon Vincent has gradually grown to become one of the most respected producer’s in the House and Techno underground. A former entrant into the prestigious ‘fabric’ mix series discography, recent years have seen every bit of material released hungrily bought in minutes by the record buying public. The recent news that he was to imminently release his debut LP was met with widespread approval –  although a release date and several other details remained undisclosed.

That’s all changed now however, with Vincent posting a download link to the entirety of his self-titled album – for free, in a post on his Facebook page. In the post he thanks former NYC running mates Fred P, DJ Qu, Jus-Ed and Anthony Parasole, as well as Berghain cohorts Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock and Tama Sumo. London institutions fabric and Phonica Records also receive a shout out of for their support – as does the UK more generally and, “all the partygoers of the world, and all the countries gracious enough to invite me.

Although previously not overtly political with his music, it appears Vincent has taken up a stance of sorts with this album – something which was previously alluded to with the leaking of the track, ‘Anti Corporate Music’. He expands upon this in the post saying, “This is music for the ugly ducklings of the world. Music for swans. If you are you’re a member of the rat race, climbing around a dumpster with the other rats vying for power, you may of course listen, but know – this is not music for you. This is action against you.”

With the album available for free on MP3, Vincent has enlisted the help of visual artist Thomas Bernich to make sure the vinyl release is a special one. Each copy of the record comes with personalised individual artwork (see some of the designs below), made by Vincent and Bernich, “…by up-cylcing old japanese magazines, vintage Sotheby’s art house catalogs, and other fashionable prints”. The record is stated to be due 16th February on Phonica’s website.

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levon 2

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You can download Levon Vincent’s self titled LP here. It will be released 16th February on vinyl via Novel Sound – you can pre-order that here.