Download Free Tracks From Widows & B. Bravo

You can now download 2 free tracks from Earnest Endeavours family artists Widows and B. Bravo.

Launching last summer with a bone-crunching 29 track mixtape from the inescapable Jams F. Kennedy entitled ‘A Heart-Breaking Work of Swagger & Genius’, plus shows in London, New York and LA, the Earnest Endeavours collective are heading towards their debut releases in the form of EE001 Widows – ‘Widows EP’ and EE002 B Bravo – ‘Kiss ‘n’ Tell EP’.

Widows is none other than the aforementioned NYC-based rapper and impressively bearded Jams, rocking with former Brother Reade compatriot and talented producer Bobby Evans, who’s ‘Orchid’ encapsulates the Widows project by demonstrating just what you can do with 2 drum kits and a couple mics.

Meanwhile B. Bravo‘s ‘Bubble Showers’ is some serious bump n’ grind boogie shit, as the San Franciscan producer and Frite Nite Records boy turns in some seriously vibed-out synth love. Download both for free below.

Widows – Orchid

B. Bravo – Bubble Showers