Download Coseph Jonrad’s ‘FIAT Million Hits’

You can now download a free album by Coseph Jonrad over at the Magic & Dreams blog.

A side project of Bristol’s Bass Cleff, who recently produced the excellent ‘Tape Swap’ album with Ekoplekz, Coseph Jonrad‘s ‘FIAT Million Hits’ is a personal work of love from the unique producer, as he remixes the first ever album he owned.

A track-by-track remix of the 1983 compilation album of the same name, the ‘FIAT Million Hits’ album was a free cassette received with the producers family car. With tracks from the Thompson Twins, Duran Duran, Tina Turner, Wham! and more, the remix album is a surprisingly hefty affair, as Bass Cleff (aka Ralph Cumbers) lays on slabs of thick, analogue bass and a myriad of electronic effects to produce something both entirely original, and strangely familiar.

You can watch the video for Duran Duran’s remixed ‘Rio’ below, and download the full album here.