Donor/Truss return to M_REC LTD

The Milan Techno stronghold has outlined it’s activity schedule for the early stages of 2015.

The transatlantic pairing of New York’s Greg Schappert and London’s Tom Russell aka Donor and Truss have been reunited after a quiet spell last year. Milan based imprint M_REC LTD has announced that two records are scheduled for release at the end of the month. The first will be the ‘Pyramide EP’ from the Berlin based Techno producer Mørbeck, this will be closely followed by ‘Ash’ from Donor & Truss. ‘Ash’ will come as vinyl-only release on the label’s Grey Series offshoot and marks the first collaboration from the pair since their ‘Aber’ EP (also on M_REC) in 2013.

Last year M_REC LTD imprint and it’s Grey Series made an album debut with Finish producer Samuli Kemppi’sThe Observer Effect‘ as well as putting out material by Forward Strategy Group, Tadeo, Juho Kahilainen, Fabrizio Lapiana, Allen and label-head Max_M.

M_REC will also host two label showcases throughout this period – the first at Berghain featuring PVS, NX1 (live) Samuli Kemppi (live), Max_M and more this coming Saturday and Sunday January 10-11th and another in collaboration with The29nov Films at ITW in Amsterdam on February 20th.

M_REC LTD will release Mørbeck’s Pyramide EP on Jan 22nd, Donor/Truss’s Ash EP will land on the label’s Grey Series on Jan 30th, 2015.


Mørbeck – Pyramide
A Pyramide
B1 Arrival Of The Stranger
B2 Geometrix

Donor/Truss – Ash
A1 Ash 1
A2 Ash 2
B Ash 3

For more information about M_REC LTD visit the official website here