DJ Sprinkles Re-Issues ‘Midtown 120 Blues’

Terre Thaemlitz has re-issued her 2009 record exclusively on CD format. 

The self-released album on Comatonse Recordings is custom packaged in oversize soft-PVC wallet, with fold-out booklet/poster and assembled by Terre herself. The audio on the 2014 reissue is identical to the 2008 first edition and following represses on Mule Musiq. There are no plans for a vinyl edition. According to Terre the bass spatialisation effects that give many of these recordings their sonic character are incompatible with vinyl mastering techniques.

Terre said in a statement, “Vinyl mastering requires deep bass to essentially be in mono to prevent needles from jumping, which prohibits effects that spatialize using phasing (having elements of channels out of phase, so if combined to mono the sounds disappear as a result of the inverted – i.e. out of phase – waveforms canceling each other out).”

“How out-of-phase waveforms affect each other in physical space is sonically quite different than how they would cancel each other in recordings, and of course headphones eliminate any cancellation completely, so the album’s sound can change significantly depending on the listening space and context. This was all deliberate, both in relation to the theme of “house as a situation,” as well as a way of “contemporizing” the album’s sound to something that could only be possible in the digital age.

“It also makes the album a bit club-unfriendly, since many club sound systems run the bass frequencies in mono as well… which is why I am sure some DJ’s have noticed the album sounds like shit in some clubs. Clubs that run their bass in mono make for crap listening environments and reap what they sow in terms of sound quality.”

Midtown 120 Blues in now available to buy on CD here.

DJ Sprinkles will play an four-hour set for Thunder’s takeover of the 200 capacity Dance Tunnel venue in Dalston, London on Friday July 11th. Tickets and more information here.