Discover The Sonos CyFi Lab

This new immersive audio visual experience explores the relationship between visual sound and vibrations

Sonos in collaboration with We Are Matik launched the Sonos CyFi Lab with the intention of creating an immersive audio/visual experience that explores the transformation of HiFi sound into immersive “cymatic” patterns. The project was presented at the Re/code Code Conference 2014 in Los Angeles last month.

Cymatics is the study of visual sound and vibration. For this installation, We Are Matik built three experiment stations and ran different adjustable audio configurations through speakers which then resonated through various materials such as microparticles, liquid and non-newtonian fluid. The results were captured by HD cameras in real-time and revealed via 47′x 12′ LED wall.

The term ‘Cymatics’ derives from the Greek term “kuma” meaning “wave”. The idea is that through the “resonance of sound wave forms across different mediums,” the series of experiments magnifies “Sonos’ HiFi sound,” making it physically visible.

For more information about the project see here.