Discogs to release official app next week

It’s been a long wait…The official iOS Discogs App will drop next week.

Following long-standing requests, Discogs have just announced their official iOS app will be available for free on Apple’s App Store from February 29. Android users will have to wait a little longer, but for those interested you can sign up to become an Android Beta tester on the Discogs App page.

According to Discogs, iOS users will be able to view and manage their Discogs Collection on the go – including local access to their Collection and Wantlist when offline – view Marketplace pricing, and add releases to their Wantlist. Other features include searching the Discogs database, checking marketplace pricings for a particular release and the ability to use the phone’s camera to search for a release by barcode.

Regarding the community beta testing procedure, Discogs have said:

“We read through every suggestion and response from our beta testers in order to prioritize what we worked on first. We took our community beta tester’s advice, and we have added Collection and Wantlist filtering, access to Collection folders, a full image gallery for releases, artists, & labels, and made several other updates and improvements. We haven’t yet fully integrated the marketplace experience in-app, however the transition from the app to the mobile site is smooth, and completing a purchase is simple.”

An App Survey has also been set up where you can submit ideas for app features. For more info visit this blog post on the Discogs website.

In other Discogs news, the online marketplace reported sales of over 6 million in 2015, with one record fetching $6,048.

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