Deft To Play Friend Zone

Catch London producer Deft playing Friend Zone at Dalston’s Birthdays tommorow night in support of ‘Voight Kampf’, his new EP on Project Mooncircle.

He headlines, with support being provided by Thefft, Cheslo Junior and Jon 1st, on the night which runs from 11pm to 3 am. ‘Voight Kampf’ marks Deft’s first EP length release in over a year, and sees him exploring a cross section of tempos and rhythms; from the frantic to the meditative, although with consistently lush and beautiful music atop. Another forward step from an artist who grows with every new release, it is surely on a matter of time before we hear an LP from Deft.

You can stream clips from ‘Voight Kampff’, whilst you can buy it here. Full info of tommorow night’s Friendzone meanwhile, can be found here.