Dean Blunt’s Babyfather to release debut album on Hyperdub

Dean Blunt’s Babyfather project is set to release its debut full length – BBF Hosted by DJ Escrow – on Hyperdub, with features from Arca and Mica Levi.

That’s the stellar cover art above. The album is coming out on April Fool’s Day, which falls on a Friday this year, so there’s no real reason to doubt the info – no reason, that is, other than Blunt’s history of playful obfuscation.

The press release comes with a rather intriguing quote from one Idris Elba, who claims that “Without a doubt, I guarantee that [the album] will be in rotation at every club, at every party and coming out the speakers of every car… this makes me proud to be British.”

This from a man who, when forced by Noisey to review Dean Blunt’s track ‘Mersh’ in 2014, had this to say:

“I didn’t like it… It quickly turned into background noise for me… I could make a whole album like this on my iPad.”

Hmm. Either an incredibly drastic about turn on Elba’s part, or some typical Bluntian subterfuge. We suspect the latter. Listen to last year’s ‘Meditation’, a collaboration with Arca, below:

BBF Hosted by DJ Escrow is (probably) out April 1st on Hyperdub (but who can really say with any certainty?)


1. Stealth Intro
2. Greezebloc
3. Meditation (feat. Arca)
4. Escrow
5. Shook
6. Motivation
8. Platinum Cookies
9. Esco Freestyle
10. Stealth
11. God Hour (feat. Mica Levi)
12. N.A.Z
13. Juice
15. Killuminatti
16. Escrow 2
17. Deep (feat. Arca)
18. Escrow 3
19. The Realness
20. Flames
21. Snm (feat. Arca)
22. Stealth Outro
23. Message