Date Set For Sigha’s ‘Living With Ghosts’

London-via-Berlin DJ and producer Sigha aka James Shaw returns to the Hotflush with his highly anticipated debut LP, ‘Living With Ghosts’.

The album has been two years in the making, recorded partly in London and his new home in Berlin. Set for release on Scuba‘s Hotflush Recordings imprint in November, the LP sees Shaw presenting a concoction of cold ambience, ethereal soundscapes with the driving rigor of classic UK techno.

In a recent RA interview, when asked whether making the album had been a liberating experience, Shaw states “I think so, definitely. But it was also more stressful, because like I said, it’s a dream of every recording artist to make an album that will see the light of day.” He continues, “but generally speaking the album is the most coherent picture of myself as an artist that I’ve released. Before there’s been things where it’s like “well, that’s not exactly how I see myself, and now it’s out there and it’s going to effect how people see me.” The album is pretty much exactly how I see my style.”

‘Living With Ghosts’ will be the seventh Sigha release on Hotflush. On top of the limited, vinyl-only 10″ single ‘Scene Couple’ / ‘Brood’, available from 29th October, you can stream ‘Self Improvement’, another new, non-album track below.

‘Living With Ghosts’ tracklisting:
1. Mirror
2. Ascension
3. Puritan
4. Scene Couple
5. Translate
6. Suspension
7. Dressing for Pleasure (Ideal)
8. Faith and Labour
9. Delicate
10. Dressing for Pleasure (Extract)
11. She Kills in Ecstasy
12. Aokigahara

A1 Mirror
A2 Dressing for Pleasure (Ideal)
A3 She Kills In Ecstasy

B1 Puritan
B2 Dressing For Pleasure (extract)
B3 Suspension

C1 Translate
C2 Delicate

D1 Aokigahara

Hotflush Recordings will release ‘Living With Ghosts’ on November 19th, 2012.