Damu Reveals New Record Label

Following a period of hibernation throughout 2012, Manchester’s Damu emerges to announce a self-titled record label.

Sam Schorb spent 2011 churning out a flurry of kaleidoscopic bass jams for a variety of labels, releasing the ‘Mermaid’ EP on Local Action Records, the ‘Ridin’ EP and his debut LP ‘Unity’ on Martin Clarke’s Keysound Recordings. He also applied his vibrant take on dubstep, funky and r&b to remixes for Mike Skinner and Rob Harvey’s ‘The D.O.T.’ and imprints such as Tri Angle, Weird World and Hippos In Tanks.

In 2012 his production output has slowed somewhat, spending time further honing his craft and also launching his label Fulcrum, putting out records by new comers Paleman and Thefft.

With DAMU001 we see the producer entering much cloudier territory; melding grime’s intimidating physique with mongrel forms of electro and techno. The new self-titled imprint gives Damu a platform to release his own material at a more prolific rate without having to worry about such things as label schedules.

Preview both tracks below:

A. If You’ve Got Nothing To Hide
B. You’ve Got Nothing To Fear

MP3 available now, pre-order the 12″ vinyl here