Commodo to release debut album, stream the first single

The Sheffield bass producer is a serious force in the UK underground, and now he gets the chance to showcase the full range of his talents.

Commodo’s had a couple of releases on Deep Medi in the last couple of years – a joint album with Gantz and Kahn, and before that ‘Shift’ with JME.

Now he’s is stepping up for his first solo album, How What Time, for Bristol imprint Black Acre. Recorded in the UK, Turkey and Germany, it pairs the meditative sub-bass power of dubstep with the directness of grime and a sample-heavy sound palette. Sure to dazzle heads and dance floors alike.

Below, you can check out the artwork, and also stream the first single to be released from the album. ‘Set It Straight’ is a collaboration with up-and-coming Croydon MC Rocks FOE, and a Grade A banger to boot.

How What Time is out 22 April on Black Acre, pre-order here.


1. Hej
2. Pea Souper
3. Itchin (ft. Trim)
4. Hadi Hadi Ah
5. My Liege
6. Russian Glass
7. Floods
8. How Dare You
9. Sleepwave
10. HWT
11. Set It Straight (ft. Rocks FOE)
12. Kofte Cloud