Collaborate With Musicians Around The World On FindMySong

New website champions collaboration and user retained copyright ownership

Born out of a frustration with the music industry and the intention to assist collaborative projects, FindMySong allows users to share music with one another all over the world. The recently launched website based in Los Angeles, run by musicians, amalgamates communicative technology and the creative process with an intuitive interface. Participants can customise their profiles in order to represent themselves accurately and utilise interactions, and pier to pier sharing is based on cloud file systems. The free service allows clients to upload ten projects, with profiles remaining distinguished through genre, skills set and influences. A process of online auditioning enables musicians to find suitable candidates for specific projects.


The company also prides itself on the ethos of users retaining ownership of their creations. Copyright control is entirely down to the initial creator, who is at liberty to distribute evenly among their team. Much like social media sites, FindMySong has a private messaging system where files can be shared confidentially. Perhaps the most significant development of websites such as FindMySong is the facilitation of bands remaining together in some form when practicality won’t allow. The coherent network hosts a spot where musicians can communicate in one space with a specific outcome in mind, whilst remaining open to the possibility of further collaborative endeavours.

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