Talking Stamps

Check Out Vinyl Postage Stamps From The 70’s

The tiny stamps were the first – and probably last, of their kind.  

Originally made in 1972 by the tiny Buddhist mountain kingdom of Bhutan, the “talking stamps” are now incredibly collectible, with a full set currently on sale for nearly $500 on eBay. Made of plastic, they are likely the smallest playable records in existence.  Embossed on the stamps are a brief spoken word history of the country delivered in English, and a rather goose-bump inducing version of the Bhutanese national anthem. Whilst most record players are unfortunately not best equipped to play the tiny records, they are nonetheless very valuable as artifacts of vinyl history.

Listen to the records here, and view pictures of them below.

vinyl bhutan 1

vinyl bhutan 3

vinyl bhutan 2

vinyl bhutan 4


via Dangerous Minds