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Check Out Techno Magazines From The 90’s

A German Techno fan has uploaded a treasure trove of zines. 

When the Berlin wall fell in 1989, conditions were ripe for Techno to revolutionize youth culture in the city and across Germany. Already in place prior to reunification, Techno took hold of large swathes of the newly invigorated country – with clubs and parties springing up all over the place. By the mid 90’s the genre and its many offshoots had infiltrated the mainstream, as raves attracted crowds of many thousands and major corporations sought get their branding in and around these parties.

The increased profile of Techno – and Rave music more generally, meant that eventually several magazines were launched to cover this cultural phenomenon. Displayed at Technomagarchiv, a hard working German dance music lover has uploaded scans of many of these magazines – with each serving as a garishl historical artifact. Featured are the likes of Frontpage – which went from being a free magazine to being sold nationally before eventually going bust in a matter of years, and Groove – which exists to this day. On the covers and in the magazines meanwhile are a host of names that will be more than familiar to our readers – including; Aphex Twin, Herbert and Carl Cox. Fascinating whether you can read German or not, you can browse an issue of Frontpage below and take a look at the rest over at Technomagarchiv.