Check Out Stunning Photography By Nils Frahm’s Dad

Klaus Frahm’s amazing images show viewers an unseen perspective of theatres.

Nils Frahm has made no secret of his musical upbringing – both his parents were self-taught musicians, and his photographer father also designed covers for ECM Records. For Papa Frahm’s latest series Looking From Behind: The Fourth Wall, the Hamburg photographer has strips back the illusion of stagecraft with images of auditoriums framed by the onstage mechanics. Taken from the back of the stage, the photographs show a stark contrast between the grandeur of the auditorium and the industrial appearance of the stage scaffolding.

The series first began in 2010 when Klaus was photographing for an architect. Whilst capturing the theatre from various angles, he was struck by the image-within-an-image contrast between the cold, mechanical stage structure and the warm glow of the auditorium. “At one point the stage was completely empty, so I photographed the audience framed by lamps and structures in front of them,” Klaus explains, “It was later on my way home when I looked at the Polaroid of that scene: the red seats were like an image within an image.”

Check out the photographs below, and head to Klaus Frahm’s website for more of his work. Read our review of Nils Frahm’s live show at the Barbican here.

Klaus_Frahm_4th_Wall_itsnicethat_11 Klaus_Frahm_4th_Wall_itsnicethat_10 Klaus_Frahm_4th_Wall_itsnicethat_9 Klaus_Frahm_4th_Wall_itsnicethat_12 Klaus_Frahm_4th_Wall_itsnicethat_13 Klaus_Frahm_4th_Wall_itsnicethat_7 Klaus_Frahm_4th_Wall_itsnicethat_5