rusty vinyl

Check Out A Spectacular Rust Covered Record

An Anglo-American collaboration has given birth to the most spectacular sleeve art we’ve seen all year.

‘Industrial’ is a term that gets bandied about freely these days to describe just about anything slightly ‘metallic’ sounding. A new release on label alt.vinyl however, has done more than merely pay lip service to the term with some amazing packaging to make for a complete sensory experience. A joint effort between veteran Newcastle based ambient/experimental group :zoviet*France: and Illinois’ found sound collective Fossil Aerosol Mining Project, ‘Patina Pooling’ comes available in a laser etched, reclaimed steel metal sleeve. The two 180g records are also packaged, “with artefacts salvaged from a burnt-out American warehouse in the 80’s”, as part of a run of 350.

A dense mass of looped distortion and authentic field recording, the three tracks evoke an apt balance of organic and mechanical that sounds as if drawn straight from a foundry. The unique release does come prefaced with a few warnings, namely its not insignificant weight and the rust which is apparrently prone to spread on to most surfaces.

rusty vinyl 1 rusty vinyl 2 rusty vinyl 3 rusty vinyl 4

‘Patina Pools’ is out now on alt.vinyl. You can buy and listen to it here