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Check Out A Previously Unreleased 2006 Set From Mala And Loefah

The Recording from FWD>> at Plastic People captures Dubstep at its peak. 

Ten years ago today, Martin Clark aka. Blackdown started up his eponymous blog to chronicle developments in Grime, Dubstep, UK Funky and beyond. He would go on to collaborate with his friend Dan Frampton aka. Dusk to head up radio shows, podcasts, club nights and productions, with the pair also founding an influential label of their own Keysound back in 2005. Clark’s blog – which is still rendered gloriously at odds with the times in full blogspot form, has long been one of the most passionate and detailed accounts of the hardcore continuum, still hosting posts on average around two to three times a month.

To celebrate a decade of the blog, Clark has uploaded a previously unreleased recording of Mala and Loefah going back to back with Sgt Pokes on the mic in 2006 at Plastic People during the halcyon days of FWD>>, which he describes as amongst the ‘best live dubstep sets’ he has ever heard. Comprised mainly of DMZ cuts, the set also features a considerable amount of chat from MC cum philosopher Pokes – with Clark dissecting each bit in typically thorough detail, giving special mention to a number of key figures who helped grow the scene.

Photo: Drumz of the South