Check Out Pictures Of Actress’ ‘Ghettoville’ Box Set

Werk Discs have released images of the specially designed boxset for Actress’ forthcoming fourth LP, ‘Ghettoville’. 

A sequel to his much loved debut LP, ‘Hazyville’, ‘Ghettoville’ is rumoured to be Darren Cunningham’s last full length under his Actress alias and will be released January 27th. In addition to CD and digital formats, ‘Ghettoville’ will also be put out as part of a bumper ‘deluxe boxset’, containing the CD and triple vinyl versions of the LP, a 32 page artbook and CD and double vinyl versions of Cunningham’s aforementioned ‘Hazyville’ (pressed to wax for the first time as part of this release). With the package just over a week away from dropping, Werk Discs have revealed some product shots of the boxset. A collaboration between design studio Inventory and artist William Stein, the ‘Ghettoville’ boxset looks to be a continuation of the monochrome aesthetic Cunningham has associated himself with throughout his career. You can check out the preview photos below, pre-order the boxset here, and listen to some tracks from the forthcoming album being played on Benji B’s recent Radio 1 show here.

ghettoville boxset

actress ghettoville

ghettoville 2

ghettoville 3

ghettoville 4

ghettoville 5