Vinyl Factory 6

Check Out Some Photos Documenting The Vinyl Printing Process

Series of 30 photographs showing what goes down in a record pressing plant

The Vinyl Factory have released a series of photos taken by Marco Walker, documenting the stages of pressing vinyl records. Below are a few of the photos, showing the equipment and effort involved in printing those circular pieces of wax that somehow play back music when a needle slips into their grooves.

If you find the science behind vinyl pressing a bit daunting, check out these factory shots proving why the records you buy are so cool…

Vinyl Factory 1
‘Metalwork baths. We grow the masters, positives and stampers in these baths via electro-plating with nickel.’

pic 2
‘A ‘de-horning machine’. This spins the ‘positive’ metalwork, whilst a technician polishes the grooves. This removes all the ‘spurs’ at the top of the groove which would otherwise affect sound quality by introducing clicks if not removed.’

Vinyl Factory 3
‘Miscroscope for checking groove damage.’

pic 4
‘The part where labels are dropped on to the record in the pressing machine. That long thin shaft in the middle (the ‘label pin’) is what makes the centre hole in the records.’

Vinyl Factory 5
‘Failed records that are being crunched up to pellets again and recycled. We only use 1% of recycled material per record at the most.’

Courtesy of The Vinyl Factory. Check out the article in its entirety here.