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Check Out A New Compilation Featuring Lone & Om Unit

Nottingham’s Mimm have put together a killer collection just in time for Christmas.

A pillar of the creative community in Nottingham for several years, clothing store cum collective Mimm (an acronym for Music Is My Motive) have been supporting music in the city through a series of releases, events and  one-offs. After the store itself recently received a refurbishment, its now time for the musical side of things to bask in the spotlight – in the shape of a new compilation.

Titled the ‘Mimm Exploration Compilation’, the release features a mixture of local grassroots talent such as Saulya, Warren Xclnce, Edison and Melo Zed, with established producers who have made appearances at Mimm events. The latter group includes Nottingham born Lone, who’s brand new cut ‘Lenticular Clouds’ is a typically dreamy procession of majesterial synths, DnB envelope pusher Om Unit – who contributes the laidback strut of ‘Back At Plastic’, and Project Mooncircle’s Submerse – with the celestial groove of ‘Trees’. Impressively for a compilation which features 17 tracks by 18 featured artists, there is a unifying warm ambience tying the whole thing together – making it a strong sonic mission statement.

You can download the compilation on Bandcamp. Keep up to date with all Mimm goings on here.