Check Out Glastonbury Photos From The 80’s

An amateur photographer’s Flickr album full of Glastonbury snaps from the 80’s has been unearthed. 

If you’re reading this, there’s a strong likelihood you’re not one of the hundred thousand plus people getting soaked to the bone out in Somerset this weekend. Rather than absorbing the festival vibe through BBC’s relentless round the clock coverage this year, our favorite bite size chunk of Glasto has come in the form of a recently discovered set of photos. The work of talented amateur photographer Dave Rowina, the album was spotted by the eagle eyed team over at It’s Nice That, and contains a set of fascinating photos from an unspecified Glastonbury during the 1980’s.

Without a Skrillex or a corporate sponsor in sight, the photos hark back to a time when the festival’s counter cultural spirit was still very much alive. You can check out some of them below, whilst you can have a look at the whole album over here.

Glasto 2

glasto 3

glasto 5