bunker rave

Check Out Australia’s Bunker Rave Scene

A new documentary looks at the (literally) underground scene springing up down under. 

An age old problem, the issue of finding decent places to put on a party has led to some interesting solutions throughout time. Faced with aggressive policing and alcohol restrictions, promoters in Sydney have tapped in to the city’s network of underground bunkers. Put in place as a defense against potential invasion during the First World War, these disused tunnels and spaces have become increasingly popular in recent times as locations for illegal raves. An antidote to the heavily regulated, 1.30 am closing time imposed by New South Wales police in Sydney’s licensed venues, these small parties hark back to the relaxed and free-spirited ethos of original club culture.

The second episode of FBi Radio’s ‘Sceno’s Subcultural Safari’ looks at this subterranean scene, with the intrepid host braving one of the city’s many labyrinthine spaces to check out a party. We meet masked organiser ‘Mr.X’, several ‘loved up’ rave-goers, and eventually the police – as the party comes to a premature end. Check it out beneath, and keep an ear to the ground in case you’re ever in Sydney.

via FACT