British Murder Boys Return With Liberation Technologies 12″

Following years of exclusively solo work, Regis and Surgeon are soon to release under collaborative alias, British Murder Boys.

Birmingham pair Anthony Child and Karl O’Connor are two of the finest dance music producers the UK has ever seen. For over twenty years, and under a wide range of aliases in Regis‘ case, these two have consistently delivered sharp, functional techno and paved the way for new Brummy talent, like Shifted.

Not a lot has changed for BMB since the last release, ‘Dead Sun’ and ‘In Another Country’ build on a lot of what we’ve seen before; namely gutteral mid-ranges, pumping kicks, rising synth lines and twenty years experience of dancefloor manufacturing. The relatively new, Mute sub-label Liberation Technologies release it today, Monday, October 29.

We recently spoke to Surgeon about Dimension Festival, his twenty years of DJing and this 12″ – read here – and preview the record below.