Brian Eno to release The Ship on Warp

The legendary ambient composer to release his first solo record since 2012’s Grammy-nominated LUX.

Eno is undoubtedly one of the greatest composers of the modern era. A true pioneer of electronic and ambient music, he’s played a vital role in the formation of nearly every genre out there. His experimental approach to music opened up a whole new perspective on composition and his sphere of impact is next to none, influencing many of the most pivotal players in electronic music culture over the past 30 years.

For his second solo release on Warp, Eno will offer up a record of minimalist ambience, physical electronics, omniscient narratives and technical innovation: all conceived from experiments with three dimensional recording techniques. Inspired by Eno’s fascination with humankind’s historical and perpetual teetering between hubris and paranoia, The Ship is a 48 minute departure from the normal rhythmic underpinnings and chord structures present in music, making way for a musical sphere that allows “voices to exist in their own space and time, like events in a landscape”

Speaking on the record, Eno says:

“Humankind seems to teeter between hubris and paranoia: the hubris of our ever-growing power contrasts with the paranoia that we’re permanently and increasingly under threat. At the zenith we realise we have to come down again…we know that we have more than we deserve or can defend, so we become nervous. Somebody, something is going to take it all from us: that is the dread of the wealthy. Paranoia leads to defensiveness, and we all end up in the trenches facing each other across the mud.”

Coinciding with The Ship’s release, a series of Eno installations will be happening around the world at which you will be able to hear an alternative telling of the album in multi-channel, 3-dimensional sound installations.


01. The Ship

02. Fickle Sun

(i) Fickle Sun

(ii) The Hour Is Thin

(iii) I’m Set Free

The Ship comes out on Warp, 29th April. Pre-order the record here.

Featured image: Shamil Tanna