Brenmar Returns To Grizzly

Bill Salas announces new single of Sinden’s Grizzly imprint.

It’s been a good year for Brenmar thus far. The blogosphere have revelled in his DJ mixes, he has released on Ikonika’s and Optimo’s Hum+Buzz label and has been in the studio for production work and collabs with Nina Sky, Rashad & Spinn and DJ Sliink.

This month Brenmar is back at camp Grizzly following last year’s ‘Let Me Know (Tasting)’ release with new single ‘Children of the Night’, featuring the diva vocals of promising singer Kaleena Zanders. ‘Children of the Night’ sees Brenmar give Kevin Irving’s 1987 classic a new lick of paint, lots of spliced vocals and sullen synth work with a nifty ‘House Mix’ on the flip. He highlights that he “basically took it from 1987 and brought it up to 2012 with a little bit of 90’s house thrown in for good measure.”

Stream clips below.

‘Children of the Night’ will be released via Grizzly on September 24th.