Bok Bok Sets The Bar For Night Slugs Mix Series

Night Slugs co-founder, Bok Bok, kicks off the label’s new mix series.

Featuring a host of originals amongst tracks from the likes of Lil Silva, Kowton, Levon Vincent and Dizzee Rascal; Bok Bok displays the Night Slugs ethos in a trip through a range of futuristic-sounding beats.

The label has been in full flow recently with a strong Helix EP just dropped, L-Vis 1990 kickstarting their Club Constructions series, a soon forthcoming Girl Unit EP, a Jam City long player, and now this! You can hear some of the just mentioned releases in this mix too.

Download from the Night Slugs site, and see full tracklisting below.

01. Bok Bok – On A Journey [cover]
02. Levon Vincent – Six Figures (Novel Sound)
03. Kowton – Des Bisous
04. Bok Bok & Tom Trago – Pathfinder BB VIP (Night Voyage)
05. Bok Bok – Midnight Stop
06. Kowton – Jam01 (Livity Sound)
07. Cooly G – Last Nite (Dub Organiser)
08. Girl Unit – Cake Boss (Night Slugs)
09. Sound Stream – “Live” Goes On (Sound Stream)
10. Jam City – Her [BB Dubplate mix] (Night Slugs)
11. Bok Bok – Silo Pass [Vjuan Allure Remix] (Night Slugs)
12. Helix – Damson
13. Jam City – How We Relate To The Body [12″ Mix] (Night Slugs)
14. Helix – Pul$e Remix
15. Lil Silva – [untitled]
16. Anthony Shakir – The Floor Filler [Skudge’s Floor Killer Mix] (Rush Hour)
17. Geeneus vs Slimzee – Log Off (Dump Valve)
18. Bok Bok – MJT [The Torture Trak] (Night Slugs)
19. Hindzy D – Target Remix
20. Kaos Souljas – Melody Refix
21. Youngstar / Flirta D – Shottaz Riddim vocal
22. Helix – Drum Track [BB Devil Tool] (Night Slugs)
23. Girl Unit – Double Take (Night Slugs)
24. Lloyd Devastating Jackmaster – Magic Fingers (Dance Mania)
25. Dizzee Rascal – Wheel (Dirtee Stank)
26. Bok Bok– Charisma Theme Remix (Night Slugs)
27. Morri$ – White Hood (Night Slugs)