Singing Statues - No Disguise EP

BNJMN Releases EP As Singing Statues

BNJMN set to release 4-track EP under Singing Statues alias.

Singing Statues is one of the many aliases of Ben Thomas, better known for his work over the last few years under the name BNJMN. The free ‘No Disguise’ EP is a sample of things to come from Ben’s Singing Statues alias – with a long player forthcoming on the Astro:Dynamics label this summer.

We first heard about this project whilst chatting to Rekordah from Astro:Dynamics at a Record Store day event a couple of weeks ago and the tracks are now available to stream in full on Soundcloud. It’s really refreshing to see Thomas combining his electronic music palette with guitar and his delicate, subdued vocal. The resulting sound is a fascinating marriage of organic and electronic, drawing influence from the likes of Animal Collective, Grouper, Radiohead, Atlas Sound, and My Bloody Valentine.

The EP is now available as a free download, stream below or click on the player to grab the digital.