Blawan Collaborates With Surgeon On New She Works Release

Man-of-the-moment Blawan collaborates with a pioneer of UK techno, Surgeon, on SHEWORKS005.

Working with The Analogue Cops he is Parassela, with Pariah is Karenn, and now with Surgeon, is Trade. Jamie Roberts has explored four distinct avenues within techno to consistently devastating effect. It is also a promising new venture for Surgeon, aka Anthony Child, whose long career is carrying momentum from his first album in ten years back in 2011 and the long-awaited revival of British Murder Boys (Surgeon‘s project with Regis) last year.

The pair’s styles blend seamlessly, making Trade a winning combination of Roberts’ adventurous and endlessly demented beats and Child’s inimitable experience in tailoring. The type of sampling we saw on both Blawan‘s ‘His He She & She’ and ‘Long Distance Open Water Worker’ EPs is present once again in ‘Half Nelson’ and ‘I Know You All’, and coupled with brutal percussion, makes for some of the roughest material either have made to date.

Buy from February 5, preview the release below, and read our recent interview with Surgeon here.

Trade – SHEWORKS005 full tracklisting:
A1 – Half Nelson
A2 – Positive Neckline
AA1 – Touch This Skin
AA2 – I Notice You All