BlahBlahBlah’s Fifth Release Comes Courtesy Of Alfie

Seventeen-year-old Alfie establishes himself amongst a wave of talented young producers with a class 12″ for BlahBlahBlah.

On July 16, BlahBlahBlah will drop two tracks of deep-slung, snappy tech-house that have caught the attention of Four Tet, Oneman, Skream, Roska, Claude VonStroke and Addison Groove – namely Alfie‘s ‘Uncomfortably Numb’ and ‘About Midday.’

Both tracks bounce off firm drums, ethereal sampling and abrasive snares; skipping along in uplifting manner, these are ideal, peak-time dancefloor cuts, and have for this reason have found their way into the record bags of such a wide range of established artists.

A release on Tighten Up before this one, playing a first Fabric gig at 16, already played Glade, and now booked for Eastern Electrics’ festival – Alfie seems to be more than just one to watch.

Stream a preview of both tracks below.