Berlin Tech Firm Preps New Music Detection System For Nightclubs

Berlin based firm Future Audio Workshop is prepping is a new music detection system called GTI for use in nightclubs…

GTI stands for Geo Track ID, it’s a combined system of hardware/cloud system which “fingerprints” the music played at nightclubs, so it can then be used by music rights organisations such as Germany’s GEMA to better distribute the fees they collect on behalf of their members.

The identification system consists of four components, the core of the system is a low cost hardware box which is first installed in the club space. It will constantly analyse the sounds being played and ping back data to the GTI system in the cloud. From this the system will create a unique fingerprint for the music being played, this will factor in music being mixed, pitched up and down by the DJ. Then the system will search a vast catalogue of music to find a match for the fingerprint. The creators boast a 90% accuracy rate on this with a growing success rate.

The data gathered will then be securely stored in an encrypted database that will be used exclusively by performance rights organisations to distribute fees owed to the artists who’s music has been played.

Gavin Burke, developed and founding member said “The system is already working very well and we’re getting identification rates over 90%, including in genres beyond electronic music. While the system is close to completion, the next step is that performance royalty organizations, in or outside of Germany, see the value of the system and make the decision to implement it. This is why we hope to gain all support possible from clubs and the music scene.”

The first nightclub test is currently undergoing at Prince Charles in Berlin. Norman Methner, the club’s booker and A&R rep said “the effort that’s been put in this little box will hopefully get a more fair share of money to the people who actually produce the music that we like to listen to in our and many other clubs.”


The GTI team consists of four members who can be contacted here.

(via Resident Advisor)