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Berlin Atonal Returns In August

The eclectic festival continues to push boundaries with a wide range of performance formats for the experimentally inclined.

Berlin Atonal festival will take place August 19-23 and sees the carefully curated event showcase an array of performances from the best in cutting edge experimental art and music. The programme of world premiere performances, special projects, audio-visual shows and installations will be held in the impressive Kraftwerk building, an old power station that provided energy for the former East German regions of Berlin. After-shows will also be held inside the Kraftwerk complex at venues OHM and Tresor, providing a platform for Atonal’s expanding approach to progressive club music.

Highlight of the event will be a one-off live European performance of Outside Of The Dream Syndicate, the renowned collaborative effort between esteemed avant-garde figure Tony Conrad and German krautrock band Faust. Their 1973 LP has been cited as paving the way for much of the minimalist and drone music of the past few decades. The festival will host a wide-range of other experimental artists including live audio-visual shows from Tri-Angle affiliate Fis, acclaimed Japanese abstract producer Ena and Austrian sound experimenter Chra who recently released the brilliant ‘Empty Airport’ on the esteemed Editions Mego label.

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Berlin Atonal will be held 19-23 August at Kraftwerk Berlin. Buy tickets for the event here.