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Berghain’s Bouncer Publishes Book Of Memoirs

The gatekeeper of Techno has published an autobiographical account of his time on the frontline

If you’ve ever found yourself nervously queuing for Berlin’s Berghain, there’s a chance Sven Marquardt has either made or ruined your night. The archtypical Berlin bouncer, with tattoos on his face is something of a living legend in Germany’s clubbing capital.

In his new book of memoirs ‘Die Nacht ist Leben’ (the night is life) ghostwritten by journalist Judka Strittmatter, he shares the details of his life as young punk looking for love on the streets of East Berlin long before he was Berghain’s head doorman.

At a launch party on Thursday, he stated that now at the age of 52 he is “fast on my way towards age-related mildness”, and said strengthened himself for his nine-hour shifts with a healthy diet of Ryvita and bananas.

In the book he explains that it’s all about curating the “right mix”: “I don’t mind letting in the odd lawyer in a double-breasted suit with his Gucci-Prada wife. If they make a good impression, let them in.”

Die Nacht

‘Die Nacht ist Leben’ is available to buy online now here.