ben ufo

Ben UFO To Showcase Unsung Heroes On Rinse Show

The Hessle Audio man will use the label’s weekly radio show to shine a light on. 

Recently voted Hyponik’s DJ of the Year for 2014, Ben UFO is clearly a man who knows his records. Together he and fellow Hessle Audio head Pearson Sound frequently use their weekly Thursday night show on Rinse to shine a light on up and coming producers or under the radar records deserving of our attention. Now Ben UFO is going to firmly focus on underground more than ever before, by featuring guest mixes from a trio of unsung DJ’s he’s met on his travels across the next 3 months.

Describing the thinking behind the move he wrote the following on his Facebook page; “I’m lucky enough to be able to play records in a huge variety of different places, and it’s become clear to me through this regular travel that there are loads of unbelievably good specialist DJs all over the world who make essential contributions their local scenes, and without whom these scenes might not exist. Their hard work is a big part of the reason people like me are able to play so regularly, and they often don’t get the props that they deserve.”

The mini series will start this Thursday 5th February and continue across the first Thursday in March and April. The first mix comes from Croatian DJ Mimi (listen below), who will get 70 minutes to show his skills on Rinse tomorrow. Describing his first guest Ben UFO writes, “we met in Zagreb last year whilst playing a gig in advance of Dimensions Festival. He’s been DJing for years, and you can hear it – his set that night encompassed everything from old school New York deep house to hard techno via Dance Mania…”

The Hessle Audio Show is on Rinse every Thursday 9 til 11pm.