Ben Klock’s Label Plot Trevino EP

Berghain resident Ben Klock to release a three-track Trevino EP through Klockworks.

Since the birth of Marcus Intalex‘s Trevino project, it has seen releases on Apple Pips, Revolve:r, Naked Lunch, and most recently, Martyn‘s label 3024.

The material we’ve heard so far has been typically UK-sounding, mutations of techno, and the results have been deservedly backed by DJs across the board. Unsurprisingly Trevino takes things slightly deeper for Ben Klock‘s label.

‘Forged’, which featured on Klock‘s recent Fabric mix, is the stylishly stripped-down A-side lead track; a powerful, synth-driven cut, ‘Uptight’, and the ethereal ‘Doldrums’ make up the B-side.

Preview below and watch out for release date information.