Beat Dimension Stage Warehouse Party This Saturday

Wapping Studios is the venue for Pearson Sound, A Made Up Sound and WBeeza’s Beat Dimension visit.

Hessle Audio‘s Pearson Sound has been constantly evolving his sound for a few years, and in doing so, has remained at the very forefront of electronic music. From producing dubstep as Ramadanman, he turned to a visionary garage sound and most recently, to sharp grime beats that hark back to the seminal ‘Pulse X.’ The two-hour DJ set will move through all these aspects in intense and gripping fashion.

A Made Up Sound, aka 2562, is another producer equally involved in dubstep and techno circles. In albums ‘Unbalance’ and ‘Feeder,’ and in countless releases since, this producer has twisted the dark corners of electronica into deep, dance music. His DJ sets work the same way and, especially on a Funktion-One soundsytem, are always well worth seeing. Wbeeza too; an often underrated producer and DJ that will compliment the two aforementioned acts perfectly.

Buy tickets here, see flyer below, and stream Pearson Sound‘s incredible essential mix.