BBC Name Top 5 ‘Sound of 2011’

The long list for the BBC Sound of 2011 was released at the start of December, including some tantalizing artists such as Nero, Wretch 32 and Jai Paul, and most notably Hyponik favourites Jamie Woon and James Blake. Every day this week the BBC have been individually naming their top 5, with electro-soul wizzard Jamie Woon securing 4th place, and today 2nd place allocated to man of the moment and producer-DJ-come-singer-songwriter James Blake.

Both artists had abundantly fruitful 2010s’ enjoying a number of successful releases, including Woons’ monumental ‘Night Air’ (co-produced by Burial) earning day time exposure on Radio One, as well as causing a fuss on the UK bass scene with Ramadanman’s remix of the aforementioned. Blakes ‘Limit To Your Love’ savored a similar reception, being Zane Lowes song of the week, but still resonating firmly with underground heads.

The long list for the BBC Sound of 2011 is compiled by some 161 UK-based taste-makers. The panel is made up of newspaper and magazine editors and critics, producers and presenters from music radio and televison, website editors and respected bloggers. Panellists include Hattie Collins (Editor, RWD Magazine), Rob Da Bank (Bestival, Radio One) Annie Mac (Radio One) and Sean Bidder (Editorial Director, Fact Magazine) amongst others. In the past the BBC poll has been un-nervingly accurate predecting the success of artists including Adele, Duffy and Ellie Goulding.

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