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Bass Clef + Ekoplekz = Ekoclef

As collaborations go, Bass Clef and Ekoplekz teaming up to form Ekoplekz is definitely one of the more interesting in the world of UK bass.

Ralph Cumbers, better known as former Bristol-dwelling, trombone-weilding beat merchant Bass Clef, who’s releases on labels like Punch Drunk and Blank Tapes have forged a path between dubstep, reggae and modern electronica, have seen him become a long term server to the UK bass scene, is set to team up with Nick Edwards AKA analogue master Ekoplekz to release an album through Magic+Dreams.

Having both been flag-wavers for the use of analogue equipment in the production and performance of electronic music, the 2 artists are set to release ‘Tapeswap’ on October 10, created through a process of tape-swapping and recording onto their respective 4 track cassette recorders – as the press release reads; “no computer, no endless tweaking, no fighting about which take was best or who should do the guitar solo”.

The only audio we have so far is this small Youtube clip, and if its anything to go by, shows the album to be a deep, dubby exploration of echoed sound manipulation and more. Preview the full tracklist and clip below.

Ekoclef – ‘Tapeswap’ Tracklist:
Side A:
01. You Have The Clocks But We Have The Time
02. Lens Flare Oh Yeah
03. Tonight Is A Trap But The Bait Is Great
04. We March Triumphant Over Yr Bones
05. Wait A Minute Mr. Postman
06. Skeletal Turrets Loom Over The Reservoir
07. Fight Fire With Firefighters

Side B:
01. TDK Kabushiki-Gaisha
02. G Major Severn
03. Tical Versus Laudanum
04. I Was Free In The Forest; They Cut Me Down
05. Keep The Lighthouse Bright & True Tonight
06. M4 Endless
07. Sonic Salvation
08. Imperial