Awesome Tapes From Africa To Reissue ‘Lost’ Ghanaian LP

Brian Shimkovitz will be putting out the LP in March after a 13 year search.

First buying a copy on cassette from a roadside stall in Cape Coast, Ghana way back in 2002, Ata Kak’s ‘Obaa Sima’ would go on to form the basis for Shimkovitz’s first post on his Awesome Tapes From Africa blog back in 2006. That blog would go on to grow into a record label in 2011 – with the imprint of the same name responsible for putting many Western listeners on to the likes of Penny Penny, Hailu Mergia and others.

Despite the acclaim for his blog and label, there was always the sense that Ata Kak and his album would be the ‘ones that got away’ for Shimkovitz – with many years of searching for the musician providing, “no leads”. Until now that is. Ata Kak has been revealed as Yaw Atta Owusu – a Ghanaian native who recorded ‘Obaa Sima’ during 1994 whilst he lived in Toronto – where he stayed until returning home in 2006.

Owusu’s Master DAT of ‘Obaa Sima’ had disintegrated by the time he came in to contact with Shimkovitz, so the latter’s bought copy had to be used as the basis for the reissue. Touching on a West African flavoured blend of Afropop, House, Hip Hop and Afrobeat, the 7 track LP will be out across all formats – including limited issue cassette, 3rd March. For now you can stream the driving instrumental stylings of ‘Bome Nnwom’ below.

‘Obaa Sima’ will be released 3rd March via Awesome Tapes From Africa.