Autora Factory Plate Gives Vinyl A Makeover

A new form of Vinyl record has been invented that allows visuals to reflect music more closely than ever before. 

Designed by Japanese artist Shinsuke Yamaji, the Autora Factory Plate allows graphics to be carved onto records without compromising their sound quality. Differing from the picture disc format-which layers paper between vinyl and thus sacrifices sound quality, the new method cleverly cuts shapes and images into the record without damaging the grooves which hold the music. Yamaji utilises a device which appropriates the sine waves of the track into a visual form which is then etched onto the record and in doing so creates perhaps the closest possible marriage of music and artwork.

Another exciting development in the resurgence of vinyl’s popularity, following on from the recent opening of The Vinyl Library earlier this month, time will tell if The Autora Factory plate comes to receive widespread usage. [via Protein]

autora plate

The Autora Factory Plate