Auntie Flo and Debian Blak Remix Tuesday Born’s New Audio Doughnuts Single

Tuesday Born returns for his second single on Audio Doughnuts, ‘Sleep With Stars’.

Tuesday Born‘s AD debut, ‘Kwabena’/’A Minor Jam’ begun an exciting relationship between a label and artist who both tend toward the experimental corners of electronic music. Whilst AD have kept an eye on the dancefloor in material from Pusherman and Shox, arguably their best output has been in the quirky downtempo of Benin City, Onoe Caponoe and Tuesday Born himself.

He is Gabriel Benn, a Londoner who has spent two years exploring Ghana & Columbia, enriching his music in doing so. The vibrancy of his newfound Bogotá shines through the bright chords and busy textures of ‘Sleep With Stars’, and balances out the shadowy vocals and jazzy piano. The Auntie Flo duo opt for an upbeat edit, emphasising disjointed drums over the original’s drowning atmospherics, while new label signing Debian Blak speeds things up into a more bass-driven piece of electronica.

‘Sleep With Stars’ is taken from the ‘Singing In The Dark’ EP, set for April 1. Buy ‘Sleep With Stars’, buy here now.