Apple’s Music Streaming Service Will Have Social Network Functions

Apple’s upcoming music streaming service is rumoured to function as a social network for artists.

According to an earlier report on 9to5mac.com, Apple’s forthcoming streaming service will probably be called Apple Music and will feature social network functions for artists.

Apple Music gives artists their own page and enables them to post tracks, videos, photos and concert updates, as well as promote the pages of other artists. The Beats-based service will be similar to iTunes Ping, Apple’s previous music-oriented social network that opened in 2010. It was discontinued in 2012 and replaced with Facebook and Twitter features. Apple Music allows iTunes users to ‘like’ and comment on artist pages, but not to have their own pages as with Ping.

The news is set to be officially announced at Apple’s developers conference on 8th June, with talks of the app going live later that month. Apple Music is likely to be priced at $7.99 a month and users will be able to move their accounts from Apple-owned Beats streaming service to Apple Music.