Al Tourette’s Launches Second Storey On Houndstooth

The Bristol beatmonger introduces the next phase of his career as ‘Second Storey’.

Known to most as Al Tourette’s, Alec Storey has seen his career unfold exponentially over the past few years, emerging from the underground electro and techno scene as a DJ and producer at the frontline of the experimental electronic spectrum. Having contributed music to Darren Aronofsky’s critically acclaimed film ‘Black Swan’ in 2010, his releases on the likes of Baselogic, Sneaker Social Club, Apple Pips and Aus Music have recently culminated in side projects with the proprietors of the latter two imprints. Close friend and fellow Bristolian Appleblim debuted the ALSO live project alongside Tourette’s at Arc Festival in April, whilst Will Saul’s CLOSE venture features Storey supporting the Aus Music boss on the drums.

The next stage in this evolutionary process is Second Storey (see what he did there?), an alias that sees Al flexing a matured, but no less abstract, sonic identity, and one perfectly suited to the much-hyped roster of Houndstooth. Released on the label on June 24th, the 4-track ‘Margosa Heights’ EP mixes themes of darkness and light with wide, cinematic brushstrokes. Stream the clips below and pre-order here.