Actress To Support Amon Tobin’s ISAM Live 2.0

Werk chief will provide support for Amon Tobin’s forthcoming one-off show at Hammersmith Apollo.

Amon Tobin‘s multimedia ISAM project has been blowing minds since 2011, a projection-mapped, audio-visual interpretation of his album of the same name, and a spectacular culmination of the Brazilian’s pioneering work over the past two decades. He returns to the UK on March 8th for a one-off, and “last ever” ISAM performance, hosted by Soundcrash at Hammersmith Apollo. Tobin vows to stick [the cubes] in the desert and set them on fire” following the performance, so this is the last chance saloon for anyone who has yet to bear witness.

Those who caught the ISAM show at any number of sell-out shows and festivals across the world last year can expect a whole new experience. ISAM Live 2.0 promises a set twice the scale of its previous incarnation, new visual additions and a soundtrack enhanced by material from Tobin’s ‘Two Fingers’ project. Supporting such an epic spectacle is a daunting task, and who better to step up than Werkdiscs chief Darren Cunningham AKA Actress, who will be performing a full live set.

Check the preview video for ISAM Live 2.0 below, and head to the Soundcrash site to purchase tickets.

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