Actress To Release Third Album ‘R.I.P.’

London electronics magician set to release this third long player this April. (via RA)

One of the premier UK talents to emerge over the past 5 years, Actress aka Darren Cunningham is set to release his third album this April.

Following two highly acclaimed albums – 2008’s ‘Hazyville’ and 2010’s ‘Splazsh’ – the London producer will return to honest Jon’s with his third artist long player, entitled ‘R.I.P.’, taking in 15 tracks of his idiosyncratic bass mutations, following 2 outstanding remixes for the labels ‘Shangaan Shake’ project.

News was first heard about the new album with some teasing tweets from the man himself, revealing sketches for the artwork, as well as images of the mastered CD’s, complete with tracklisting. As yet there’s no official release date, though the album is already listed on the Honest Jon’s site.

*The full release will be available on Monday April 20, via the Honest Jon’s site, and you can preview the full tracklist and artwork below.

Actress – ‘R.I.P.’ Tracklist:
01. R.I.P.
02. Ascending
03. Holy Water
04. Marble Plexus
05. Uriel’s Black Harp
06. Jardin
07. Serpent
08. Shadow From Tartarus
09. Tree Of Knowledge
10. Raven
11. Glint
12. Caves Of Paradise
13. The Lord’s Graffiti
15. N.E.W.